Starting up

Hello there!
I’m Lauren- the project manager for the Highland Culture Collective. This is me on the left here – from recent a visit to see artist-in-residence, Sinead at one of our partner organisations, North Lands Creative.

For the last month or so, the Collective’s 5 artists-in residence and I have been connecting with people across the Highlands, who we might collaborate with over the next year. It’s been really exciting to see the different connecting themes and interests that are sparking between the 5 artists- who all work in totally different mediums, from sound to photography, from Gaelic theatre to visual arts.

The 6 of us are spread across the Highlands, so are are really excited to actually meet all together in person next week- Covid permitting of course.

In this blog space, each of the artists will write about their artistic process – both to give you a bit of an insight into what’s going on, and as a record of what we’ve been up to during this year. I hope you’ll join us along the way!

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